International Forum on War History 2022

Chairman's Summary

Keynote Speech


  • Japan’s Southward Advance and Intelligence in 1941
    Moriyama Atsushi
  • Japan’s Surrender and U.S. Intelligence Services:
    The Clandestine Struggle over the Yalta Secret Agreement
    Shimizu Ryotaro
  • Chiang Kai-shek and the Outbreak of War Between Japan and the
    United States: Intelligence and Strategy
    Iwatani Nobu

Special Address


  • Strategy and Intelligence in the First World War
    Hew Strachan
  • The Politics of Intelligence in Grand Strategy:
    The Joint Intelligence Committee and Britain’s War Against
    Japan, 1942-1945
    Brian P. Farrell
  • The Development of U.S. Intelligence During the Cold War
    Haruna Mikio