International Symposium on Security Affairs 2022

The New Normal of Great Power Competition:
The U.S.-China-Russia Relationship and the Indo-Pacific Region

Technological Innovation and Security: The Impact on the Strategic Environment in East Asia
  • Whole Proceedings (PDF)
  • Colophon and Contents
  • Chairperson’s Summary
  • Chapter 1 Minilateralism and the Dynamics of Great Power
          Competition in Asia: AUKUS and the Quad (PDF)
    Nick Bisley
  • Chapter 2 The Russo-Ukrainian War and Its Impact on the
          Rivalry of Major Powers (PDF)
    You Ji
  • Chapter 3 The Collapse of Putin’s Notion of Great Power (PDF)
    YAMAZOE Hiroshi
  • Chapter 4 [Keynote Speech] Can China Fight a War ?
          In Recent Years, the Government of the People’s Republic
          of China Has Repeatedly Threatened War. But It Sustain a War? (PDF)
    Edward N. Luttwak
  • Chapter 5 Defying the Water’s Edge: The Philippines and Its Strategic
          Policy toward the United States-China Competition (PDF)
    Aries A. Arugay
  • Chapter 6 Not Drawing a Parallel. Ukraine and Taiwan: An Indian
          Perspective (PDF)
    Jagannath Panda
  • Chapter 7 Great Power Competition and Japan (PDF)
    SATAKE Tomohiko
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