East Asian Strategic Review 2022

Edited by the National Institute for Defense Studies
Published July 2022


East Asian Strategic Review 2022
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1
    Great Power Politics over Afghanistan after the U.S. Withdrawal
  • Chapter 2
    Progress in the Normalization of Relations between the Arab Countries and Israel: The 2020 Abraham Accords and Subsequent Developments
  • Chapter 3
    China: Tightening Control by the Chinese Communist Party
  • Chapter 4
    The Korean Peninsula: Missile Diversification in North and South Korea
  • Chapter 5
    Southeast Asia: The Post-Coup State of Affairs in Myanmar and Regional Security
  • Chapter 6
    Russia: The New National Security Strategy and Development of Parliamentary Organizations
  • Chapter 8
    Japan: Facing the Political Choices in an Era of Great Power Competition