East Asian Strategic Review

The East Asian Strategic Review is the flagship publication of the National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS). This annual report includes analysis of the strategic environment of East Asia and the issues of critical importance concerning regional security.
  The East Asian Strategic Review contributes to the policy of "National Defense Program Outline," stipulating that Japan continues to promote security dialogues and defense exchanges among defense authorities to enhance mutual confidence between countries, including neighboring countries. The report presents analysis from a Japanese viewpoint and provides topics for open discussion. The countries/sub-regions covered in the review include the Korean Peninsula, China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Russia, the United States and Japan. It also analyses the surrounding areas of East Asia from the viewpoint of Japan’s commitment to the security of East Asia. The report has been published annually in both Japanese and English. Both editions are available for sale (due to copyright reasons, some photos are only available on the printed edition.)

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