East Asian Strategic Review 2021

Edited by the National Institute for Defense Studies

Published July 12, 2021

Resources Full Text Summary

  • Preface(PDF)

  • Chapter 1
    World Politics amid Great Power Competition: The Pacific and European Experiences during COVID-19 Crisis(PDF)

  • Chapter 2
    China: The Xi Administration’s Accelerating Hardline Stance due to COVID-19(PDF)

  • Chapter 3
    The Korea Peninsula: Wavering North-South Relations(PDF)

  • Chapter 4
    Southeast Asia: Post-COVID-19 Regional Security Issues(PDF)

  • Chapter 5
    Russia: The Post-Putin Issue and Changes in the 1993 Constitutional System(PDF)

  • Chapter 6
    The United States: National Security during the COVID-19 Crisis(PDF)

  • Chapter 7
    Japan: Toward a Post-COVID-19 Security Posture(PDF)

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