International Symposium on Security Affairs


NIDS holds an open symposium annually, inviting Japanese and overseas experts on international security. This symposium aims at contributing to security dialogues, as well as encouraging public discussion on security issues.

The 24th Symposium, 2023

"The New Horizon of the Nuclear Era"

The U.S-Soviet bipolar Cold War structure was conceptualized as the first nuclear era while the following post-Cold War period of new nuclear proliferations and nuclear tensions among regional great powers which complicate nuclear calculations has been called as the second nuclear era for some time.
Against this backdrop, the first session of this year’s symposium, titled “nuclear deterrence and arms control,” investigates the new direction of nuclear deterrence and arms control at a time of the growing prominence of warfare in new domains particularly form the policy perspectives. Then, the second session “theories of nuclear deterrence and compellence” holds discussions, based on cutting-edge research knowledge, about the modern use of nuclear deterrence and compellence involved with nuclear weapons
Through these discussions, we provide new insights on these topics which gather increasing interests in Japan and overseas and promote dialogues with international intellectuals by examining both the theoretical and practical issues involved with the emerging nuclear age.

Date December 6, 2023 (Wed) 8:50 AM – 1:15 PM (JST)
Language English – Japanese simultaneous interpretation will be provided


Opening Remarks By president (8:50 AM – 9:00 AM JST)

ISHIKAWA Takeshi (President, National Institute for Defense Studies)

Session 1: Nuclear Deterrence and Arms Control (9:00 AM – 11:00 AM JST)

Dr. Daryl G. Press (Director, Institute for Global Security, Dartmouth University)
Dr. ARIE Koichi (Lieutenant Colonel, Government and Law Division, National Institute for Defense Studies)
Dr. James M. Acton (Co-Director, Nuclear Policy Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

Moderator/Discussant: Dr. ICHIMASA Sukeyuki (Head, Cyber Security Division, National Institute for Defense Studies)

Session 2: Theories of Nuclear Deterrence and Compellence (11:10 AM – 1:10 PM JST)

Dr. Zafar Khan (Professor, Department of International Relations, Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences)
Dr. OHNISHI Ken (Senior Fellow, Global Security Division, National Institute for Defense Studies)
Dr. Charles L. Glaser (Senior Fellow in the Security Studies Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Moderator/Discussant: Dr. KURITA Masahiro (Senior Fellow, Policy Simulation Division, National Institute for Defense Studies)

Closing Remarks by Chairperson (1:10 PM – 1:15 PM JST)

IZUYAMA Marie (Director, Security Studies Department, National Institute for Defense Studies)

* Each session will be composed of 25 minutes presentations by three speakers followed by 45 minutes discussion including Q&As.
* English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation will be provided.