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On the website for the National Institute for Defense Studies, the latest updates and notices are provided in RSS format.

If you register the following address in your RSS reader, you will be able to check the latest information without having to visit the National Institute for Defense Studies homepage.


(RSS 1.0 / RDF file)

  • Please note that RSS distribution may be suspended without notice due to reasons such as system maintenance.
  • Please note that the RSS information and format provided on the National Institute for Defense Studies homepage may be changed without notice.
  • The creation of homepages or mail magazines, the redistribution of information, etc. based on information from RSS distributed from the National Institute for Defense Studies homepage for commercial gain or for non-commercial purposes is prohibited.

What is RSS?

RSS is a technology for distributing summaries, etc. of the latest information from websites, allowing users to check information updated on frequently updated websites without having to actually visit the site.

Using RSS

To use RSS you must have RSS compatible software called an RSS reader and a browser that is also RSS compatible. Please refer to the instructions for software and RSS compatible browsers for information on how to use RSS (RSS registration, etc.).

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