Security Studies,Regional Studies-Areas of Expertise

KURITA Masahiro (Research Fellow, Regional Studies Department)


2017 PhD in Law (International Relations Program)
Hitotsubashi University
2011 MA in Law (International Relations Program)
Hitotsubashi University
2009 BA in Sociology
Hitotsubashi University


Apr. 2015 to present Research Fellow
Asia and Africa Division, Area Studies Department, National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS)
June 2018 Visiting Fellow
Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, UK
Apr. 2013-Mar. 2015 Researcher
Foreign Affairs and Defense Division, Research and Legislative Reference Bureau, National Diet Library

Research Interests

・Nuclear strategies and postures of regional powers, particularly in South Asia

・Nuclear deterrence theory and its validity in the contemporary world

・South Asian security and international relations

Selected Publications in English

  • Kurita, Masahiro. 2018. "Making a "Responsible" Nuclear State: Lessons from Two Decades of American Engagement with South Asia." In Balancing between Nuclear Deterrence and Disarmament: Views from the Next Generation, eds. Yuki Tatsumi and Pamela Kennedy. Washington, DC: The Stimson Center, 39-55.
  • Kurita, Masahiro. 2017. "Nuclear Power Play: How North Korea Uses U.S. Fears to Gain Leverage." The National Interest (October).
  • Kurita, Masahiro. 2017. "Discussion on the Reconsideration of "No First Use" in India's Nuclear Doctrine." Briefing Memo (July): 1-5.
  • Kurita, Masahiro and Mari Izuyama. 2017. "Security in the Indian Ocean Region: Regional Responses to China's Growing Influence." In East Asian Strategic Review 2017, ed. National Institute for Defense Studies. Tokyo: The Japan Times, Ltd., 37-69.
  • Kurita, Masahiro. 2015. "The "Pakistan Factor" in China–Indian Relations." NIDS Commentary 48 (July): 1-6.

Selected Publications in Japanese

  • Kurita, Masahiro. 2018. Kaku no Risuku to Chiki Hunso: Indo Pakisutan Hunso no Kiki to Antei [Nuclear Risk and Regional Rivalry: Crises and Stability in the India–Pakistan Rivalry]. Tokyo: Keiso Shobo
  • Kurita, Masahiro. 2018. "Chugoku Kaigun no Indoyo Shinshutsu to Guwadaru ko: "Kichika" no Kyojitsu [Chinese Navy's Advance into the Indian Ocean and Gwadar: Fact and Fiction of the Militarization of the Port]." Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 531 (January): 83-94.
  • Kurita, Masahiro. 2018. "Indo no Kaku Dokutorin ni okeru Senseikougeki Opushon no Kanousei [Feasibility of Nuclear First Strike Option in India's Nuclear Doctrine]." Journal of International Security 45 (March): 86-105. *peer reviewed
  • Kurita, Masahiro. 2016. "Indo Pakisutan no Senso Hoho: Kaku no Moto deno Tsujosenso wo meguru Ugoki [Indian and Pakistani Ways of War: Pursuing Conventional Options under Nuclear Shadow]." In Atarashi Senso toha Nanika: Hoho to Senryaku [A New Kind of Warfare: Methods and Strategies], ed. Takashi Kawakami. Tokyo: Minerva Shobo, 260-276.
  • Kurita, Masahiro. 2016. "Iran Kaku Goui to Minami Asia: Pakisutan no Shiten kara [The Iran Nuclear Deal and South Asia: Pakistan's Perspective]." Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 525 (January): 65-74.
  • Kurita, Masahiro. 2015. "Saiba kougeki ni taisuru "Yokushi" no Genjo: Beikoku no Anzenhosho Seisaku no Jirei kara [Deterrence in Cyberspace: A Case Study on the US Security Policy]." In Joho Tsushin wo meguru Shokadai [Challenges in Information and Communication], ed. Research and Legislative Reference Bureau, National Diet Library. Tokyo: National Diet Library, 157-180.
  • Kurita, Masahiro. 2015. "Doumei to Yokushi: Shudanteki Jieiken Giron no Zentei toshite [Alliance and Deterrence: A Prerequisite for the Debate on the Right of Collective Self-Defense]." The Reference 770 (March): 9-23.
  • Kurita, Masahiro. 2015. "Nichibei Doumei no Yokushi Taisei wo meguru Genjo to Kadai [Deterrence Posture of the Japan–US Alliance: Current Status and Challenges]." ISSUE BRIEF 860 (March): 1-13.
  • Kurita, Masahiro. 2014. "Pakisutan no Kaku Sekyuriteli wo meguru Beipa Kankei: Kyocho to Saigishin no Kessetsuten? [US–Pakistan Nuclear Security Relationship: An Intersection of Cooperation and Suspicion?]" Journal of World Affairs 62 (March): 20-30.
  • Kurita, Masahiro. 2013. "Chuin Kokkyo Mondai no Genjo: Nikokukan Kankei no Zentai Kozo no Shiten kara [Current Situation of the Sino–Indian Border Issue: In Terms of the Overall Structure of the Bilateral Relationship]." The Reference 754 (November): 43-69.
  • Kurita, Masahiro. 2013. "Chokyori Dageki Nouryoku niyoru "Tekichi Kougeki" Koso": Beikoku to Kankoku no Jirei kara [Offensive Strike with Long-Range Strike Capability: A Comparative Case Study of the United States and the Republic of Korea]." The Reference 752 (September): 79-101.
  • Kurita, Masahiro. 2012. "Nichoten Kiki Iko no Pakisutan no Kaku Senryaku ni kansuru Kosatsu [Pakistan's Nuclear Strategy after the Twin Peak Crisis]." Journal of International Security 40 (June): 19-34. *peer reviewed
  • Kurita, Masahiro. 2012. ""Antei Huantei no Paradokkusu" no Chiki Hunso ni okeru Datosei: Indo Pakisutan no Kakuhoyu to Kashimiru Hunso wo Rei toshite [Validity of the "Stability/Instability Paradox" in Regional Rivalries: A Case Study of Indian and Pakistani Nuclearization and the Kashmir Conflict]." Journal of Disarmament Studies 3 (June): 44-60. *peer reviewed
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