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KOZUKA Ikuya(Senior Fellow, Defense Policy Research Office, Policy Research Department)

photo:KOZUKA Ikuya


1986 B.A. in Political Science, Waseda University
1991 M.A. in Political Science, Waseda University
2002 Liaison and Coordination Officer in Damascus, International Peace Cooperation Corps with United Nations Disengagement Observer Force
2012 Finished Ph.D. program without dissertation, Graduate School of Security Studies, National Defense Academy

Areas of Expertise

Security Affairs in the Middle East

Selected Publications


  • Co-authored, Datu-Reisengo No Sekai No Funso (Tokyo: Nanso-sha, 1998)
  • Edited, "Islam To Anzen-Hosho", Shin Boei Ron-shu, Vol. 28. No. 2, September 2000 (Tokyo)
  • "Beigun Presence To GCC Shokoku No Anzen-Hosho", GCC Shokoku To Minshu-shugi (Tokyo: The Japan Institute of International Affairs, 2004)
  • Co-authored, Wangan Arab To Minshu-shugi: Iraq Senso Go No Chobo (Tokyo: Nihon Hyoron-sha, 2005)
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