Security & Strategy

Volume 2 January 2022

  • cover(PDF)

  • colophon(PDF)

  • contents(PDF)

  • PLA’s Perception about the Impact of AI on Military Affairs(PDF)

  • PLA’s Intelligentized Warfare:
    The Politics on China’s Military Strategy (PDF)

  • Assessing the Current Status of and Prospects for Efforts towards Norm Formation in Cyberspace(PDF)

  • China’s “Japan Neutralization” Policy and its Perception of Japan’s Circumstances:
    the Case of the Divide and Rule Policy toward the LDP in “the Age of Discontinuity” in Japan-China Relation(PDF)

    SUGIURA Yasuyuki

  • The Koumintang Army in the War Termination Process of 1945:
    From Counterattack against Japan to Restoration of Authority (PDF)

    FUJII Motohiro

  • The Japanese Army’s Measures against Guerrilla Activities in the Philippines in the First Half of the Pacific War(PDF)

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