NIDS Commentary



  • No.167, March 2022

    Prospects for the UK’s nuclear arms control and non-proliferation policy after the publication of the integrated review of “Global Britain in a competitive age”(PDF)

    ICHIMASA Sukeyuki

  • No.208, March 2022

    Truth and Exaggeration in Russian Narrative of “NATO Expansion Threat”(PDF)

    YAMAZOE Hiroshi


  • No.193, September 2021

    Series:30 AnniversaryoftheGulfWar,#5
    Technological Development and Military Reform: Revolutionary Change in the Way of War or Revival of the Feature of U.S. Defense Culture?(PDF)

    KINOSHITA Yukihiro

  • No.181, July 2021

    North Korea Talks Could Become a Worse Version of the INF Negotiations(PDF)

    WATANABE Takeshi

  • No.174, June 2021

    The 11th SMA and the Discussion on the Application of Increasing Rate in Defense Expenditure(PDF)

    ASAMI Asaki

  • No.166, May 2021

    China’s Way for an Innovation-Driven PLA(PDF)

    YATSUZUKA Masaaki

  • No.165, May 2021

    Escalation of the Crisis in Ukraine in the Spring of 2021(PDF)

    YAMAZOE Hiroshi

  • No.163, March 2021

    Warfare in the Cognitive Domain: Narrative, Emotionality, and Temporality(PDF)

    NAGANUMA Kazumi

  • No.162, March 2021

    U.S.-China Hypercompetition and the U.S. Strategy towards China - The Army as the grid in the Indo-Pacific(PDF)

    IKEGAMI Ryuzo

  • No.161, March 2021

    Thoughts on the “Comfort Women Statue” in Berlin(PDF)

    SHOJI Junichiro

  • No.159, February 2021

    A Free and Open Indo-Pacific as a Major Narrative: The Reconstruction of Values in Asia(PDF)

    NAGANUMA Kazumi

  • No.158, February 2021

    Security Prospects After the American Presidential Election 10 The Situation in the Middle East After the Establishment of the New Biden Administration: Considering future prospects through data analysis(PDF)

    KOZUKA Ikuya

  • No.153, January 2021

    The Korean Peninsula on the Eve of the Biden Administration: Politicized Nuclear Question and Great Power Politics(PDF)

    WATANABE Takeshi

  • No.146, January 2021

    The first Royal Navy aircraft carrier deployment to the Indo-Pacific since 2013: Reminiscent of an untold story of Japan-UK defence cooperation(PDF)

    NAGANUMA Kazumi


  • No.141, December 2020

    An Asian NATO: A double-edged phrase(PDF)

    NAGANUMA Kazumi


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