Briefing Memo

This "Briefing Memo" provides special and timely analysis for security and defense issues to respond to reader's academic interests at the same time to promote a greater understanding of NIDS.

We hope this column will help everyone to better understand the complex of issues involved in security affairs. Please note that the views in this column do not represent the official opinion of NIDS.



  • December 2021

    Military Applications of Quantum Technologies(PDF)

    ARIE Koichi

  • October 2021

    China’s Peacekeeping Diplomacy: The Gap between Principles and Reality*(PDF)

    MASUDA Masayuki

  • September 2021

    The Wartime OPCON Transfer Issues and the U.S.-ROK Alliance(PDF)

    ASAMI Asaki

  • August 2021

    Middle East policy and the Biden Administration: observations of the initial direction(PDF)

    KOZUKA Ikuya

  • July 2021

    “The U.S.-Japan/U.S.-South Korea Alliance” and “the Far East 1905 System”: Perspectives on the 70th Anniversary of the San Francisco Peace Treaty and the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty(PDF)

    CHIJIWA Yasuaki

  • June 2021

    Operational Art and Tactics of the United States Army(PDF)

    HIGUCHI Shunsaku

  • March 2021

    Kazushige Ugaki as an Education Reformer(PDF)

    YAMAGUCHI Masaya

  • January 2021

    Britain and the Dissolution of the Mediterranean Fleet: Convergence of the End of Empire and Alliance Management(PDF)

    ITO Nobuyoshi

  • 2020


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