International Symposium on Security Affairs 2019 The 21st Symposium (FY 2019), December 10, 2019
"Belt and Road Initiative and the Future of the International Order"

Part1 How the Belt and Road Initiative Can Be Perceived

  • Chapter 1 Global Connectivity, Transformation of the World, and Chinese Foreign Relations of BRI(PDF)

    Su Changhe

  • Chapter2 Implications of the Belt and Road Initiative for Russia and Greater Eurasia(PDF)

    Victoria V. Panova

  • Chapter3 Grading China’s Belt and Road(PDF)

    Kristine Lee

  • Chapter4 Xi Jinping Regime’s Aim in the Belt and Road Initiative(PDF)

    IIDA Masafumi

Part2 Changes in Economy and Security with the Advent of the Belt and Road Initiative

  • Chapter5 Australian Infrastructure Diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific(PDF)

    Jeffrey Wilson

  • Chapter6 The Impact of the BRI on European Trade(PDF)

    Alessia Amighini

  • Chapter7 China’s Search for Convergence of Economic and Security Outcomes: Functional Security Cooperation in Eurasia(PDF)

    MASUDA Masayuki

  • Chapter8 The Military Drivers of the Belt-and-Road Endeavor: Expanding the Global Reach from Land Mass to the Maritime Domains (PDF)

    You Ji

  • Contributors(PDF)

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