International Symposium on Security Affairs 2016 The 17th Symposium (FY 2016), July 25, 2016
"The Kim Jong Un Regime and the Future Security Environment Surrounding the Korean Peninsula"

Part1 Threat of North Korea's Nuclear and Cyber Attack

  • Chapter1 North Korea's Nuclear and Missile Programs: Marching Forward?(PDF)

    Joel S. Wit and Sun Young Ahn

  • Chapter2 An Assessment of North Korean Cyber Threats(PDF)

    Hyeong-wook Boo

  • Chapter3 Formation and Evolution of Kim Jong Un's "Nuclear Doctrine": The Current State of North Korea's "Minimum Deterrence"in Comparison(PDF)

    Hideya Kurata

Part2 Security Policy of Kim Jong Un Regime

  • Chapter4 Kim Jong-un's Regime Stability and the Impact on Security Policy: An American Perspective(PDF)

    Bruce E. Bechtol Jr.

  • Chapter5 Kim Jong-un's Economic Policy as a Means to Secure His Regime(PDF)

    Dongho Jo

  • Chapter6 The Security Strategy of North Korea's Kim Jong Un Regime: A Japanese Perspective(PDF)

    Hiroyasu Akutsu

Part3 Future of North Korea and Response of Related States

  • Chapter7 Kim Jong-un Regime and the Future Security Environment Surrounding the Korean Peninsula(PDF)

    Scott Snyder

  • Chapter8 Predicting the Future of North Korea: Preparing for the Worst Case(PDF)

    Kang Choi

  • Chapter9 China's North Korea Policy: The Dilemma between Security and Economic Engagement(PDF)

    Rumi Aoyama

  • Chapter10 Russian North Korea Policy: Current Status and Future Outlook(PDF)

    Motohide Saito

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