International Symposium on Security Affairs 2015 The 17th Symposium (FY 2015), November 5, 2015
"Space Security: Trends and Challenges"

Part1 Trends in Space Security

  • Chapter 1 United States Military Uses of Space: Issues and Challenges(PDF)

    Peter L. Hays

  • Chapter 2 French Military Space, Addressing the Tipping Point: from Necessity to Dependency(PDF)

    Jean-Daniel Testé

  • Chapter 3 Space for Security in Europe(PDF)

    Xavier Pasco

  • Chapter 4 The Role of Space Development in the National Security of China(PDF)

    Teruhisa Tsujino

  • Chapter 5 Japanese Space Security Policy and Utilization(PDF)

    Yasuaki Hashimoto

Part2 Space Threats and Responses

  • Chapter 6 U.S. Policy, Programs, and Diplomatic Initiatives in Response to Space Debris and Counterspace Threats(PDF)

    Brian Weeden

  • Chapter 7 European Union: Response to Threats(PDF)

    Xavier Pasco

  • Chapter 8 Threats Against the Use of Outer Space: Japan's Case(PDF)

    Setsuko Aoki

Part3 International Cooperation in Space Security

  • Chapter 9 The Challenges and Opportunities for European-Japanese National Security(PDF)

    John B. Sheldon

  • Chapter 10 The Current Status and Review of Japan's Space Security Policy Seen in the Basic Plan on Space Policy and Subsequent Discussions(PDF)

    Shinichi Nakasuka

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