International Symposium on Security Affairs 2014 The 17th Symposium (FY 2014), November 5, 2014
"New Trends in Peacekeeping: In Search for a New Direction"

Keynote Address

Part1 Changes in Peacekeeping and International Order

  • Chapter 1 Peace Operations in Africa: Patterns, Problems, and Prospects(PDF)

    Paul D. Williams

  • Chapter 2 UN Peacekeeping: The 21st Century Challenges(PDF)

    Thierry Tardy

Part2 National/ Regional Policies and Perspectives

  • Chapter 3 Balancing expectations with assets: A German perspective on UN peacekeeping(PDF)

    Ekkehard Griep

  • Chapter 4 After Afghanistan: A British Military Return to Peacekeeping?(PDF)

    Adrian L Johnson

  • Chapter 5 A changing environment for peacekeeping in Africa:South African perspectives(PDF)

    Gustavo de Carvalho

  • Chapter 6 Evolving attitudes to peacekeeping in ASEAN(PDF)

    David Capie

  • Chapter 7 Peacekeeping Trends and National Responses: A Japanese Perspective(PDF)

    Hikaru Yamashita

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