International Symposium on Security Affairs 2012 The 15th Symposium (FY 2012), October 26, 2012
"Strategic Management of Military Capabilities: Seeking Ways to Foster Military Innovation"

Keynote Address

  • Chapter 1 Dynamic Organizational Capabilities:
    Distributed Leadership and Fractal Organization(PDF)

    Ikujiro Nonaka

Part1 Preparing for Future Environments:
Organizational, Institutional and Human Processes

  • Chapter 2 Force Capabilities and Innovation(PDF)

    Michael Clarke

  • Chapter 3 Operational Net Assessment
    Or, Preparing to Lose the Next War(PDF)

    Williamson Murray

  • Chapter 4 Innovation in Defense Capabilities and Organizational
    Knowledge Creation(PDF)

    Yasuhide Yamanouchi

Part2 Creation of Military Innovation:
Strategy, Technology and Institution

  • Chapter 5 National Strategy in the Early 21st Century:
    Innovating for Uncertainty(PDF)

    Paul Cornish

  • Chapter 6 Reinventing Military Innovation(PDF)

    Edward N. Luttwak

  • Chapter 7 Innovation in Self-Defense Force (Military) Organization(PDF)

    Takashi Saito

Part3 Various Measures of the Countries:
Tackling an Uncertain Future

  • Chapter 8 ROK MND Initiatives for Use of Civilian Resources(PDF)

    Sangjin Lee

  • Chapter 9 Military Capability Management for Australia in the 21st Century(PDF)

    Andrew Davies

  • Chapter 10 From Self-Sufficiency to Solidarity:
    The Transformation of Sweden's Defence and Security Policies(PDF)

    Robert Dalsjö

  • Chapter 11 Strategic Management for Military Capabilities:
    Seeking Ways to Innovate Military Capabilities - Indian Initiatives(PDF)

    Arun Kumar Singh

  • Chapter 12 Building Dynamic Defense(PDF)

    Sugio Takahashi

Policy Implications

  • Policy Implications
    Strategic Management of Military Capabilities(PDF)

    NIDS Strategic Management Research Team

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