International Symposium on Security Affairs 2009 The 12th Symposium (FY 2009), November 18, 2009
"Major Powers' Nuclear Policies and International Order in the 21st Century"


  • The Role of Nuclear Weapons in the 21st Century(PDF)

    Morton H. Halperin

  • Agenda for Japan-US Strategic Consultations(PDF)

    Yukio Satoh

  • The Obama Administration’s Nuclear Policy and Implications for East Asian Security(PDF)

    M. Elaine Bunn


    Yury E. Fedorov

  • China’s Nuclear Policy and International Order in the 21st Century(PDF)

    Liping Xia

  • India’s Nuclear Policy(PDF)

    Rajesh Rajagopalan

  • The “Forward Leaning” Nuclear State: The UK and Nuclear Weapons in an Era of Strategic Uncertainties(PDF)

    John Simpson

  • Nuclear Deterrence and Disarmament: The View from Paris(PDF)

    Bruno Tertrais

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