International Symposium on Security Affairs 2008 The 11th Symposium (FY 2008), February 3, 2009
"The Role of the Military in Peacebuilding A New Approach to Conflict Resolution in the Twenty-first Century"


  • The Role of the Military in Peace-building(PDF)

    Michael Clarke

  • Civilian Surge: Key to Complex Operations(PDF)

    Hans Binnendijk

  • The Highs and the Lows: Peacekeeping and Peace-Building from a British Perspective(PDF)

    Jonathan Eyal

  • Peacebuilding Operations: Australian Perspectives on Regional Tasks(PDF)

    James Cotton

  • The Role of the Self Defense Forces in Peace Building: Changes in Policy and the Arguments that Informed Them(PDF)

    Noboru Yamaguchi

  • Stability Operation and Alliance Management: The German View(PDF)

    Peter Schmidt

  • Stabilization Operations in the Era of ’New Wars’: Addressing the Myths of Stabilization(PDF)

    Etienne de Durand

  • The Role of the Military in Peace-Building: A Japanese Perspective(PDF)

    Tomonori Yoshizaki

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