International Symposium on Security Affairs 2007 The 10th Symposium (FY 2007), December 13, 2007
"North Korea's Nuclear Issues: Toward Peace and Security in Northeast Asia"


  • Dismantling North Korea of its Nuclear Capability: When It Is Happening?(PDF)

    Zhu Feng

  • The North Korean Nuclear Dilemma and Six Party Talks :A South Korean Perspective(PDF)

    Chung-In Moon

  • Russia and North Korea: From ‘Socialist Solidarity’ to Quasi-alliance(PDF)

    Andrei Lankov

  • The Consistency of U.S. Policy toward DPRK Denuclearization(PDF)

    Victor Cha

  • U.S.-DPRK Negotiations: From Failed Diplomacy to Engagement(PDF)

    Charles L. Pritchard

  • Addressing Diplomatic and Military Dimension of North Korea’s Nuclear Issue(PDF)

    Yong-Sup Han

  • North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons: The Ultimate Tool for Unification?(PDF)

    Hideshi Takesada

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