International Symposium on Security Affairs 2006

The 9th Symposium (FY 2006), February 1, 2007
"China's Rise and its Limitations:China at the Crossroads"


  • China’s Economy Today and the Challenges It Faces in Shifting to Capitalism(PDF)

    Kwan Chi Hung

  • Domestic Political Determinants of China’s External Behavior(PDF)

    Yasuhiro Matsuda

  • How Much Military Capability Does China Want to Develop? How Much Will It Succeed?: The Dragon at Sea(PDF)

    Bernard D. Cole

  • China’s Search for Military Power:Internal Control, Peripheral Denial and Limited Force Projection(PDF)

    M. Taylor Fravel

  • What Does It Take for China to Be a “Responsible Stakeholder”?(PDF)

    Aaron L. Friedberg

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