International Symposium on Security Affairs 1999 The 2nd Symposium (FY 1999), October 7-8, 1999
"War and Peace in the 21st Century: Reflections upon the Century of War"


  • The Approach to "Total War" 1890-1918: The First World War and its Legacy(PDF)

    Brian Bond

  • The Shock of the First World War: Japan and Total War(PDF)

    Kiyoshi Aizawa

  • Success and Failure in War in the 20th Century(PDF)

    Robert O’Neill

  • Reflections on War and Peace in the 20th Century: Chinese Perspectivespan(PDF)

    Yuan Ming

  • "Post-Heroic Warfare" and its Implications(PDF)

    Edward Luttwak

  • What can the XXI Century Wars (if any) Look Like?(PDF)

    Georgy Arbatov

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