International Symposium on Security Affairs 1998 The 1st Symposium (FY 1998), January 13-14, 1999
"Strategic Environment in Northeast Asia at the Beginning of the 2lst Century: Deterrence and/or Cooperative Security?"

Keynote Address

  • The Rise of Chinese Power and the Future of International Security(PDF)

    Joseph S. Nye, Jr.


  • Strategic Ambiguity in East Asia: Benefits and Costs(PDF)

    Richard K. Betts

  • Russia's Secuity Agenda in Asia-Pacific(PDF)

    Victor A. Kremenyuk

  • Security in Northeast Asia: From Deterrence and Defense Perspective(PDF)

    Shinichi Ogawa

  • Between Deterrence and Cooperative Security: The Southeast Asian Experience(PDF)

    Chin Kin Wah

  • Engagement or Intervention: Prospects for Cooperative Security in Northeast Asia(PDF)

    Toshiya Hoshino

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