NIDS International Symposium NIDS International Symposium (FY 2018), January 30, 2019
"A New Strategic Environment and Roles of Ground Forces"

Part1 The Past, Present and Future of Ground Forces

  • Chapter1 An Historical Perspective of American Land Power(PDF)

    Conrad C. Crane

  • Chapter2 Towards an Australian Marine Corps?
    Australian Land Power and the Battle between Geography and History(PDF)

    Peter J. Dean

  • Chapter3 Significance and Roles of Japan's Ground Forces:Throughout the Pre- and Post-World War Two (during and after the Cold War) Eras(PDF)

    Sakaguchi Daisaku

Part2 Roles and Utility of Ground Forces

  • Chapter4 The Roles and Utility of Ground Forces in Counterinsurgency and Stability Operations(PDF)

    David J. Kilcullen

  • Chapter5 "Hybrid Warfare" and Russia's Ground Forces(PDF)

    Keir Giles

  • Chapter6 Roles and Utility of Ground Defense Force in Defending Japan's Offshore Islands: Ground Defense Forces in an Era of New Warfare(PDF)

    Iwata Kiyofumi

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