International Forum on War History 2015 The 14th Forum (FY 2015), September 17, 2015
"The Termination of Wars in Historical Perspective"

Chairman's Summary

  • The Termination of Wars in Historical Perspective(PDF)

    Junichiro Shoji

Keynote Address

  • How Do Wars End? The Problem of Victory and Defeat(PDF)

    Hew Strachan


  • War Termination in Historical Perspective: Imperial Germany 1918(PDF)

    Holger H. Herwig

  • Ending the Asia-Pacific War: New Dimensions(PDF)

    Richard B. Frank

  • The Japanese Termination of War in WW II:
    The Significance and Causal Factors of "The End of War"(PDF)

    Junichiro Shoji

  • Political Strategies toward Ending the Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese Wars(PDF)

    Ryuji Hirano

  • India's Wars: The Indo-Pakistani Wars and the India-China Border Conflict(PDF)

    Takenori Horimoto

  • Termination of War: The Cambodian Conflict (1978-1991)(PDF)

    Ang Cheng Guan

  • Theoretical Perspectives on the Ending of Wars(PDF)

    Cristopher Tuck

  • Living with the Problem: Managing War on the Northwest Frontier, 1880-1907(PDF)

    Brian P. Farrell

  • Intelligence Organizations and the Termination of World War Two(PDF)

    Ken Kotani

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