International Forum on War History 2014 The 13th Forum (FY 2014), September 17, 2014
"History of the Joint and Combined Operations"

Chairman's Summary

  • History of the Joint and Combined Operations(PDF)

    Junichiro Shoji

Keynote Address

  • The Evolution and the Future of Joint and Combined Operations(PDF)

    Ryoichi Oriki


Special Address


  • Naval Air Operation:
    The Development of Aircraft Carrier Operations during the Second World War(PDF)

    Katsuya Tsukamoto

  • Combined and Joint War during World War II:
    The Anglo-American Story(PDF)

    Williamson Murray

  • The 20th Indian Division in French Indo-China, 1945-46:
    Combined/joint Operations and the 'fog of war'(PDF)

    Daniel Marston

  • AirLand Battle and Modern Warfare(PDF)

    Carter Malkasian

  • Anti-Access in Comparative Perspective:
    Imperial Japan, the Soviet Union, and 21st-Century China(PDF)

    Toshi Yoshihara

  • Amphibious Warfare: Theory and Practice(PDF)

    Tomoyuki Ishizu

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