International Forum on War History 2013 The 12th Forum (FY 2013), September 25, 2013
"The Legacy and Implications of the Pacific War"

Chairman's Summary

  • Defense of the Wider Realm: the Diplomacy and Strategy of the Protection of Islands in War(PDF)

    Junichiro Shoji

Keynote Address

  • Island Defense and Seizure Operations, and Naval Strategic Lessons: Learned by Imperial Japan in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II(PDF)

    Yoji Koda


  • Occupation and Humanitarian Aid.A Case Study: The Channel Islands 1944-1945(PDF)

    Phylomena H. Badsey

  • Britain and the Campaigns in Greece and Crete in 1941(PDF)

    David Horner

Special Address

  • Containment and Cold War before the Nuclear Age: Liddell Hart and Allied Strategy in 1937-1941(PDF)

    Azar Gat


  • America Adapting: Submarine Warfare and Pacific Islands(PDF)

    Frank G. Hoffman

  • Battle for Guadalcanal: As Viewed from the Perspective of the Concentration of Forces(PDF)

    Tatsushi Saito

  • The Logistics of the British Recovery of the Falkland Islands 1982(PDF)

    Stephen Badsey

  • Political and Diplomatic Lessons of the Falkland War(PDF)

    Ken Kotani

  • Military Implications of the Falklands War: From Japan's Point of View(PDF)

    Jun Yanagisawa

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