International Forum on War History 2012 The 11th Forum (FY 2012), September 26, 2012
"The Legacy and Implications of the Pacific War"

Chairman's Summary

  • The Legacy and Implications of the Pacific War(PDF)

    Junichiro Shoji

Keynote Address

  • The Influence and Meaning of the Pacific War in Global History(PDF)

    H. P. Willmott


  • Reconsideration of Post-War Understanding of Modern Japanese History:
    An Examination of War and Colonial Rule of Imperial Japan(PDF)

    Fumitaka Kurosawa

  • The Pacific War and Rise of China as a Major Power(PDF)

    Liu Jie

  • Significance of the Pacific War for Southeast Asia(PDF)

    Kyoichi Tachikawa

  • Old Enemies, New Friends: Australia and the Impact of the Pacific War(PDF)

    Peter Dennis

  • Churchill's War; Attlee's Peace(PDF)

    Philip Towle

  • Unexpected Gifts: The Impact and Legacy of the Pacific War in America(PDF)

    Roger Dingman

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