International Forum on War History 2011The 10th Forum (FY 2011), September 14, 2011
"The Pacific War as Total War"

Chairman's Summary

Keynote Address

Presentation on Research Project

  • The Idea of Total War: From Clausewitz to Ludendorff(PDF)

    Jan Willem Honig

  • Total War and Social Changes:
    With a Focus on Arthur Marwick's Perspective on War(PDF)

    Tomoyuki Ishizu

Special adress

  • Total War and the short 20th Century(PDF)

    Christpher Coker

Presentation on Research Project

  • War to the Knife:The US in the Pacific,1941-1945(PDF)

    Dennis Showalter

  • The British Empire in the Pacific War(PDF)

    David Horner

  • Total war and Japan:
    Reality and Limitation of the Establishment of Japanese Total War System(PDF)

    Atsushi Koketsu

  • The"American Way of War"and the U.S.War with Japan1941-45(PDF)

    Geoffrey D.W. Wawro

  • Japanese Perspective of Total War(PDF)

    Tomoyuki Wada

  • Total War from the Economic Perspective(PDF)

    Keishi Ono

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