International Forum on War History 2009 The 8th Forum (FY 2009), September 30, 2009
"Strategy in the Pacific War"

Chairman's Summary

Special Address

  • Grand Strategy and the Byzantine "Operational Code"(PDF)

    Edward Luttwak

Keynote Address

  • Comparative Analysis of Japan and U.S. Global Strategy 1941-43(PDF)

    Ikuhiko Hata


  • Japanese Strategy in the First Phase of the Pacific War(PDF)

    Kiyoshi Aizawa

  • Allied Strategy in the First Phase of the Pacific War: Pearl Harbor and the U.S. Reaction(PDF)

    Williamson Murray

  • By the Seat of the Pants? Allied Strategy and the Japanese Onslaught in Southeast: Asia; December1941 - May 1942(PDF)

    Brian Farrell

  • Japanese Strategy in the Second Phase of the Pacific War: Consequences of Operation Strategies in Main Battlefield, the Pacific Ocean(PDF)

    Noriaki Yashiro

  • American Strategy in the Pacific after Midway: From Parity to Supremacy(PDF)

    Phillips O'Brien

  • Japanese Strategy in the Final Phase of the Pacific War(PDF)

    Junichiro Shoji

  • Politics as Strategy: The United States and the End of the Pacific War, 1944 - 45(PDF)

    John Ferris

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