The National Institute for Defense Studies Brochure

NIDS's cover of a pamphlet
  • Cover
  • Contents
    <p. 1>
  • Introduction: Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of NIDS
    <p. 2>
  • 70 Years od Progress of NIDS
    <p. 3>
  • 70th anniversary logo and slogan
    <p. 3>
  • Roel of the National Instisute for Defense Studies
    <p. 4>
  • History
    <p. 5>
  • Organization
    <p. 6>
  • Research
    <p. 7>
  • Research on National Security Issues
    <pp. 8-11>
    Policy-Oriented Research
    Research Themes
    Dissemination and Outreach
    Policy Simulation
  • Research on Military History
    <pp. 12-13>
    Applying the Lessons Learned from the Past to the Present
    Research Themes
    Survey and Recovery of Documents and Records of the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy in Foreign Countries
    Recording and Preservation of Oral History
  • Opening Military History Documents to the Public
    <pp. 14-15>
    Military History Documents Held by the Center for Military History
    Recording Room, Military Archives
  • Education of SDF Officers and Executive Personnel
    <pp. 16-19>
    Training Future National Security Leaders
    International Students
    Guest Lecturers
  • International Exchanges
    <pp. 20-22>
    Participation in ARF Heads of Defense Universities / Colleges / Institutions Meeting
    Exchanges in Research and education
    Organizing International Conferences
    Overseas Dispatching and Inviting of Researchers
  • Disseminating Research Findings in Various Ways
    <pp. 23-26>
    Public Seminars
    Other Works
    Website and Social Media Accounts
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